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Summer in Bansko

Apart from being a winter capital on the Balkans, Bansko is also established as a summer destination. Summer here is lovely with long hot days and the area is the perfect playground for the outdoor lover. Pirin Mountain offers many opportunities for active tourism. Hiking, Rock climbing, ATV tours, Canyoning, Mountain biking, Offroad safari, Rafting, Excursions, Horse riding are only some of the activities that you can enjoy in the warm summer days. The Ski lift now runs through summer months allowing easy access to the mountain.

If you do not fancy hiking in the mountains you can spend some time in the thermal pools in the town of Dobrinishte and the village of Banya. You can also book a day cultural tour to the Rila Monastery or make a wine tasting tour in Melnik.


Pirin mountain has an image of a real alpine-like mountain, paradise for those who like walking in the mountains, surrounded by airy views and stunning landscapes.  Please have a look at some of the most popular summer hikes in Pirin mountain.

Hiking from Bansko to Demianitsa hut through Vasilashko lake and back

The starting point is from Bansko to Demianitsa hut by bus.

The walk starts from Demianitsa hut through Vasilashko lake and back: 4-5 hrs.

Hiking from Bezbog hut to Popovo lake

The starting point is from Bansko to the chair lift in Dobrinishte – 20 km by bus. By Chair lift to Bezbog hut.

The walk starts from Bezbog hut to the lake and back and it takes approximately 3-4 hrs.

Hiking from Bansko to Muratovo lake, Ribnoto, Dalgoto lake, Jabeshko and Okoto lakes

The starting point is from Bansko to Vihren hut by car/bus.

The walk starts from Vihren hut and it takes 3 to 4 hours.

Banderishki lakes are one of the most beautiful lakes in Pirin Mountain.

Hiking from Bezbog hut (2235m) to Demianitsa hut (1895 m)

The starting point is from Bansko to Dobrinishte by bus/car. From Dobrinishte to Bezbog by chair lift.

The walk starts from Bezbog hut to Demianitsa hut through Popovo lake and visit Valiavishki lakes in Demianitsa valley  and takes approximately 6 to 7 hours.

Hiking from Bezbog hut, through Tevnoto lake hut, to Demianitsa hut

The starting point is from Bansko to Dobrinishte by bus. From Dobrinishte to Bezbog hut by chair lift.

 The walk starts from Bezbog hut (2235m) through Samodivski lakes: 6-8 hrs.

Hiking from Vihren hut to Yavorov hut

The starting point is from Bansko to Vihren hut by bus.

The walk starts from Vihren hut through the Koncheto (the highest part of the mountain and the most extreme one), and Yavorov hut and takes 8 to 9 hours.

Mountain Biking

Wonderful way to stay in shape, it’s quite enjoyable and sits well with nature. Pirin mountain offers wonderful biking conditions in the summer – from June all the way up to late September.
Bansko is the hub for mountain biking in the region and has many exciting routes around it, all in the protected territory of Pirin national park. 

If you want mountain bike trip with experienced mountain leader, please email us at: and we will send you an offer.

Rock Climbing

Climbing is an interesting and attractive activity, which you can enjoy with the help of our instructors who will provide for your enjoyment and safety.

There are many climbing routes and destinations in Bulgaria. The richness and diversity of our geographical location contributes to the availability of climbing sites throughout the country. Only 3km far from Bansko is the Cave area, a wonderful destination for the lovers of the extreme and the seekers of strong sensations.

River Rafting

Rafting in Struma river is exciting, wet, and wild and an incredibly big fun! Going on a rafting excursion gives you the opportunity to see exiting parts of Bulgaria while practicing your favorite sport! Fun for families, groups, and couples.

The section of Struma River which runs through the Kresna Gorge offers the perfect rafting conditions from April till July and from October till November – high water level. August and September – low water level.


Discover some of the most interesting places in Bulgaria with our excursions. Take yourself a day off and come on a trip with us.

Bansko to Melnik, Rozhen monastery

Melnik is a town in in the southwestern Pirin Mountains, Rila monastery about 440 m above sea level. The town is an architectural reserve and 96 of its buildings are cultural monuments. With a population of 385, it is the smallest town in Bulgaria, retaining its city status today for historical reasons.

The unique architecture of Melnik and the nearby Rozhen Monastery make it a popular tourist destination. The town is also associated with the impressive natural sand pyramids in various forms, resembling giant mushrooms, ancient towers and obelisks, spread in an area of 17 sq km near Melnik, Kurlanovo and Rozhen. The town has also been famous for producing a strong wine since at least 1346.

Interesting architectural landmarks include the Byzantine House, one of the oldest civilian buildings in the Balkans, the Kordopulov House, which also has one of the largest wine cellars in Melnik.

Bansko to Rila monastery

The Monastery of Saint Ivan of Rila, better known as the Rila Monastery is the largest and most famous Eastern Orthodox monastery in Bulgaria. It is situated in the southwestern Rila Mountains, 117 km south of the capital Sofia in the deep valley of the Rilska River. The monastery is named after its founder, the hermit Ivan of Rila (876 – 946 AD).

The monastery complex, regarded as one of the foremost masterpieces of Bulgarian National Revival architecture, was declared a national historical monument in 1976 and became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1983. Since 1991 it has been entirely subordinate to the Holy Synod of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church.

The whole complex occupies an area of 8,800 sq.m and is rectangular in form, centred around the inner yard 3,200 sq.m, where the tower and the main church are situated.

The museum of the Rila Monastery is particularly famous for housing Rafail’s Cross, a wooden cross made from a whole piece of wood.

Bansko to Leshten, Kovachevitsa and Ognianovo

Leshten Village is one of the most attractive and authentic rural tourism resorts in Bulgaria. Fifteen restored old houses offer typical for this region revival atmosphere combined with modern comfort. The houses have spacious balconies, picturesque courtyards and taverns, where customers can prepare their own food products from local farms.

Kovachevitsa has preserved its authentic appearance of 18-19 century and is one of the most famous and beautiful Bulgarian villages. The houses are almost entirely built of stone, including the roofs. Kovachevitsa is an architectural reserve, similar to Koprivshtitsa and the Plovdiv Old Town, and has retained its picturesque Renaissance architecture.

When combined with favorable climate Ognyanovo offers beautiful scenic landscapes. Located in the rich vegetation of hilly area. The fresh mountain air combined with the soft weather conditions typical of southwestern Ognyanovo make an excellent place for rest and relaxation this weekend.

Bansko to Bear Park (Belitsa)

The project started in May 1999: his idea is that the animals traditionally used by Gypsies Mechkar to collect alms (the driver of a bear playing the fiddle or other instrument, it “dancing”) to be returned to its natural environment. The first inhabitants of the Park (bears Mariana, Stefan and Kalinka, Stanka, Gosho and Bobby) entering in 2000. It is estimated that currently in the Park are dancing bears in Bulgaria. Dancing Bears Park is sponsored by Four Paws. Situated in an idyllic woodland, with many meadows and natural pools where the meet and wild brown bears.

Bansko to Kavala (Greece)

One day excursion by car

Kavala, the capital and main port of the Kavala prefecture is amphitheatrically built on the slopes of Mt. Symvolo forming one of the most picturesque cities in Greece. The city’s breeze sweeps through its historic buildings, which perfectly reflect the city’s modern character. It is just 150 km away from Bansko and reachable within 2 hours by car.

You can enjoy both the modern town and old city as well as the numerous beaches in and around Kavala.

Hot Mineral Springs Around Bansko

One of our favorite activities during your summer or winter holiday is definitely taking a warm, relaxing mineral bath after a long day of skiing or just sunbathing in the summer. Mineral springs are naturally occurring springs that produce water containing various minerals that give it therapeutic value. The temperature of the water can very from mild to extremely hot and is normalized by mixing fresh hot water from the spring with already cooled water from the same spring. The main benefit for skiers is the relaxing affect that the warm water has on your muscles. It helps to loosen them up and bring down muscle tension. There are numerous other health benefits from natural spring water as well.
One of our favourite natural spring is complex Izgreva. At your disposal there are 3 pools: the big main pool where the water isn’t unbearably hot, a smaller children’s pool which is shallow and warmer and and one with really hot water. The water there is over 40C.